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The Ways the Left Has Tried to Get Rid of Trump?

Politico was already talking about impeachment seven months BEFORE the 2016 election.


I doubt they were the first but it really ramped up once Trump was elected and it hasn’t stopped since then, although it was in the background while the “Russian collusion” and other stories/obsessions were occupying the minds of the media talking heads.

What other ways has the Left used to try to take down the President?

1. They tried accusing him of colluding with Russia. Now, to do this, they based their case on a report paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. She paid a former British agent, who then paid Russian agents to fabricate a story. I’m not a sophisticated political analyst, but from where I stand, it looks like Clinton was the one colluding with Russian agents. She was certainly paying them off.

I’m not sure why Russia would want to collude with Trump. He is pro-fracking and under his presidency, we have become a net exporter of oil and gas. Since Russia is also a major producer of natural gas, it would have been more in their interest to have anti-fracking Hillary in the Oval Office.

2. They want to eliminate the Electoral College. (Expect this strategy to change once Trump wins both the EC and popular vote in 2020.) We’re a Republic, that means even those boring flyover states get representation through the Electoral College. Going with a strict popular vote would mean that, frequently, a few metropolitan areas get to say what goes for the whole country.

3. The Stormy Daniels move – where the Left tried to get Trump removed from office for paying her to not tell the world she’s a whore. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Considering the attorney she picked and that whole fiasco, “no-brainer” might be the best description of her. As for the Trump supporters, they already knew he was a player and what he did 10 years before the election wasn’t really relevant.

As a subset to that, still in the “Trump was a player” category, the “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ‘em by the pussy. You can do anything” recording. I don’t get all the pearl clutching over this. It’s true, if you’re a star, especially if you’re a very wealthy star, there are people who will let you do whatever you want. It’s like the world never heard of groupies before this moment. Ask Bill Clinton, young women will even let you use their genitals as a humidor.

4. They have also tried the Emoluments Clause. It’s never been used before and never been applied to businesses owned by the president, but Orange Man Bad! If it were really a concern, and not just something the Left used to get their base excited, it Trump would have been challenged on it during the election by both the Republicans and the Democrats. He wasn’t because they knew it was a non-starter. Now, the Left just thinks that you may be stupid enough to get excited about it. Unfortunately, for a number of MSN viewers, it was right.

5. He’s crazy! This would trigger the 25th Amendment and he would be replaced by Vice President Pence. I’m not sure how this would be better for the Left, other than Pence would likely be less effective at fighting the Left than Trump is. I’m also not sure what the proof of his insanity is. His behavior (and tweets) may sometimes be unorthodox – in that he is unlike most other Republican presidents in that he doesn’t give in as soon as he’s challenged – but, as the saying goes, if it works, it’s not crazy!

I think his tweets are supposed to be proof of his insanity. All they have proven to me is that the Left has no sense of humor. If you don’t get the jokes you are either very stupid or just willfully a sourpuss.

6. Because we can. This seems to be what the Left is trying now. They’re having impeachment hearings just because they have a majority in the House. For normal people, if you know someone who does something that is wrong just because they have the strength or numbers to do it, you would call them a “bully”. Instead, we are having to call them “The Honorable _______, Representative from ______”.

7. Adam Schiff said Trump should be impeached because he is disloyal to the U.S. Yep, back in July, old bug eyes said that Trump was disloyal because his campaign didn’t inform authorities when foreigners offered dirt on Hillary. This was supposed to be the Russian assistance that Mueller spent $35 million looking into and found nothing. The amount of lying that Schiff does is astounding. I can’t watch him long enough to try to determine if he’s just insane or if he thinks that the Left is just stupid enough to believe his bullshit. (I think it’s the second choice, but will let you know if I can ever tolerate him long enough to make a more informed decision.)

8. There must be something in his tax returns that will bring him down! No one can say what this might be or why the IRS hasn’t raised a red flag and gone after him if there’s something amiss.

9. He talked on the phone to Ukrainian President Zelensky and had the audacity to ask Zelensky to do what Mueller had spent over 2 years doing – try to see if there was foreign interference in the 2016 election. The transcripts show there was no Quid Pro Quo (the Left has now changed to calling it “bribery”). In fact, Zelensky didn’t know that there was any discussion about withholding money to Ukraine until Schiff tweeted about it! Also, the money wasn’t withheld. The U.S. is now also providing arms to Ukraine so it can defend itself (mostly from Russia) while the last administration helped them with self defense by providing blankets.

10. Some people he knows have been arrested. Guilt by association is real. If that’s the case, we better give more credence to the “Clinton body count list”. Death by Arkancide must be real if simply knowing or having a business association with someone makes you guilty of anything that happens to them.

Everything seems like opposite world. The party that promises “flexibility” after the election is the one accusing Trump of doing that. Trump’s policies are pro-American while the Left has pushed ones that are more favorable to Russia and China. Then they accuse Trump of being disloyal.

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