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Five Oldest NFL Teams?

Which teams have been around the longest?

5. Detroit Lions (originally called the Portsmith Spartans) were established in 1930 in Portsmith, OH and joined the NFL on July 12, 1930. They moved to Detroit in 1934.

4. The New York Giants joined the NFL in 1925. They’ve won four NFL championships and four Super Bowls.

3. The Green Bay Packers have been in the NFL since 1921. They have won four Super Bowls, including the first two (1966 and 1967).

2. The Chicago Bears were originally the Decatur Staleys and joined the NFL in 1920. They moved to Chicago, first as the Chicago Staleys in 1921. They were renamed “Bears” in 1922.

1. The Arizona Cardinals began as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898 and became a charter member of the NFL in 1920 when they were known as the Chicago Cardinals. They moved to St. Louis as the St. Louis Cardinals in 1959 and then to Phoenix, AZ in 1988 (because who wouldn’t pick Arizona over Missouri?) when they became the Phoenix Cardinals. In 1994 they changed the name to Arizona Cardinals. I don’t know why. I guess they just weren’t hooked on Phoenix.

If you were looking for the oldest teams in regards to the ages of their players,Jimmy Kempski has ranked the teams by the average age of the players. The ranking was as of cut day, so players change but it shouldn’t affect the totals by much.

Most Strike Outs in a World Series Game?

The World Series is the yearly championship Major League Baseball playoff between the American League (usually the Yankees – they’ve played in 40 out of 110 World Series) and the National League.

In 1968, the Series pitted the St. Louis Cardinals (who had won in 1967) against the Detroit Tigers. In the first Series game that year, St. Louis pitcher Bob Gibson struck out 17 Detroit players. This beat Sandy Koufax’s record of 15 strike outs in the first game of the 1963 World Series (LA Dodgers vs. NY Yankees). While Koufax and the Dodgers went on to win their Series championship, St. Louis’s excellent start – they were 3 to 1 after the fourth game – the Tigers won the last three games to win that year’s championship.

Side note: In the late 1800s, there was a baseball team called the Cleveland Spiders. How awesome is that name? Spiders can make grown men scream like little girls,but not dressed like this –

cleveland spiders


They should have worn spider costumes. Can you imagine facing a team dressed like this?

man in spider costume


would have been. Especially if they switched out the balls for balls of spiders.

ball of spiders