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Free Ways to Learn Programming?

Do you want to know how to make a website? Or a mobile phone app? There are several ways to learn Javascript, HTML, Python, PHP, SQL, CSS, and Ruby for free online.

Future Learn – Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game
 Learn simple Java programming to make a game for Android phones or tablets.

edX - Introduction to Computer Science
A self-paced Harvard class you can audit for free.

Code Academy
Classes for HTML & CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Khan Academy
Offers instruction so “you can learn how to code computer programs, how to design algorithms that make computers more efficient, and discover what a career in computing could look like. “

Learn to Code the Hard Way
Books teaching Python, Ruby, SQLRegex and a Command Line crash course are free to read online.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP, and JQuery. Includes an active discussion forum.

Tutorials on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Ruby Monk
Beginner, intermediate and advanced interactive tutorials to learn Ruby.

Java and Python interactive tutorials.

Try Python
Interactive Python tutorials.

Python – Python for Beginners
Python.org offers instruction, Python community, and documentation available in multiple languages.

Downloads, instructions, and Ruby community with user groups, weblogs, and newsgroups.