Questions for Hillary Clinton About Her Emails?

The press goes easy on her, asking softball questions when she’s on talk shows, but she does make it hard for any journalists who take their jobs seriously to ask questions. She hasn’t had a real press conference since early December 2015. But, if they were to get the chance, what are the questions we want to hear the candidate asked that the media just aren’t asking?

A State Department Inspector General report on Clinton’s use of a private server for government business was released recently. It found that use was a violation of policy.

We have some questions for Secretary Clinton about the report. Let’s start with who was using the private server and for what purpose.

  1. Have you read the report?
  2. Have you discussed it with your staff?
  3. Which staff members had an email address on your private server?
  4. Did they use that email address for government business?
  5. Did they also use those email addresses for State business? (Emails that would not necessarily be preserved as required by law.)

Now a few questions about the decision to use a private server.

  1. You have said that previous Secretaries of State have used private email for business. It is true that one (and only one) had, Colin Powell. When did you become aware that he had used a private email account?
  2. Powell used a private email account but not a private server. Do you understand the difference? Please describe your understanding of the difference.
  3. Are you aware that the rules governing the use of a private email account for government business have changed in between Powell’s time of service and yours?
  4. Did anyone express reservations about you using a private server for your email? Were they, as the report says, told “never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again”?
  5. You had an obligation to discuss the private server with cybersecurity officials but there’s no evidence you had done so. What did you do to ensure the security of your server and how did you vet the people who set it up for you?
  6. Was the server ever hacked? When did you become aware of these security breaches? What did you do about the sensitive information that was viewed by the hacker(s)?

“The Federal Records Act requires the head of each agency to “make and preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency and designed to furnish the information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities.”

We have a few questions regarding the keeping and storing of records and the Secretary’s compliance with the law.

  1. Do you understand that once you became a private citizen, you no longer had a right to retain any of the government emails?
  2. Why did it take you 21 months to turn over the emails (government property) to the government?
  3. Why didn’t you allow someone from the State Department to go through the emails to determine which would be returned and which qualified as private and could be deleted?
  4. How did top secret information get from a closed government computer system onto your server?
  5. Why did the Inspector General find gaps in your email records?

Watch for more questions about Hillary Clinton’s email scandals and other past “mistakes”! She doesn’t like answering questions and that only makes us want to ask more.

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