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Favorite Foods of the Past Five Presidents?

When Barack Obama was asked by a child what his favorite food is, he said it was broccoli. I don’t want to say the man’s lying to a child, but, really? Out of all the foods out there, that is his favorite? I like broccoli, but it’s still way down on the list of favorites.

He enjoys cooking chili and getting carry-out from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria (presumably not at the same time, he’s no Clinton, after all.) According to White House staff, he likes salmon and favors Polynesian dishes (no surprise from someone who grew up in Hawaii!)

George W. Bush likes chicken pot pie and biscuits. One of his favorite meals in the White House combined two of his other favorites, Cheeseburger Pizza. And like any good Texan, he favors Tex-Mex cooking. He frequently had huevos rancheros for his Sunday morning breakfasts.

Cheeseburgers are a favorite of Bill Clinton along with enchiladas, barbecue, most of the McDonald’s menu, and desserts (which may or may not include interns.)

George H.W. Bush liked to snack on pork rinds with Tabasco sauce which is a nice low carb snack, but on the other hand, he also likes his wife’s chocolate chip cookies. I couldn’t find much about the 41st president’s food likes but there was one thing he made clear, he does not like broccoli.

When Ronald Reagan was president, it was well-known that he kept a jar of jelly beans on his desk (he preferred the licorice.) He also liked macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, well-done steak, and monkey bread.

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