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Best SDCC Restaurants?

The Yard House – An American sports bar with good food and (lots of) beer. It’s located on 4th and Broadway, at the other end of the Gaslamp District from the convention center, but easily within walking distance and close to many of the popular SDCC hotels.

Try the classic cheeseburger with garlic aïoli.

Update: The Gaslamp Yard House is closed. There’s still one in Mission Valley, so if you have a hotel out there, try that one.

The Melting Pot – 901 5th Ave. A good choice if you want a quieter meal after all the hustle and bustle of the convention center. You can go for the whole experience – cheese fondue, salad, entree fondue, and dessert fondue – or just for dessert.

One of the entree cooking options is Coq au Vin. I asked the server why it’s called that even though we were getting it with the Filet Mignon option. He said “Coq au Vin” means “cooking with wine”. It doesn’t. It means “cock (or rooster) with wine”.

I think that I deserve credit for not shouting out, “it’s ‘cock’!” in the restaurant. When my good sense wins out over being a troll, I want acknowledgement for it.

House of Blues – Food and live music. Also happy hour. The food is okay, go for the atmosphere. Try the pulled pork sandwich or the fried chicken.

Werewolf – 627 4th Ave. It’s got good breakfasts and decent burgers (and other offerings) if you’re going for lunch or dinner.  The tables facing the windows and the ones on the sidewalk are a nice place to dine and watch all the other SDCC attendees who are still roaming around looking for a place to dine.

Hard Rock Cafe – 801 4th Ave. near Horton Plaza. The restaurant displays interesting rock memorabilia and offers American food (burgers, bbq, steaks, sandwiches). We’ve always gotten good service here. (Kudos to our servers for being friendly and on-the-ball when dealing with such huge crowds!)

There’s also a restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel that changes its theme for Comic-Con. It was Cafe Diem (as in the cafe in the series Eureka) for several years. This year it’s The Expanse for the new SyFy show of the same name.

 Tin Fish Gaslamp – 170 6th Ave., across from Petco Park. This is close to the con and is always taken over and themed-up. This year it’s NBC promoting The Blindspot and Hereos Reborn. Last year it was The Blacklist. The theme doesn’t affect the menu – lots of seafood. It’s quick, it’s close, and it’s good. Also there are nearby recharging stations to charge up your cellphone.

Lou & Mickey’s – 224 5th Ave. is across the street (and tram tracks) from the convention center. There’s usually something con-related going on. This year Line Webtoon will have their US launch there.

Gaslamp Quarter Comic-Con – Get a map and find deals for SDCC visitors. It includes a list of off-site events.

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