Other Ways to Say Someone is Drunk?

inebriated, foxed, boogaloo, decks awash, half seas over, hosed, totaled, stinko, intoxicated, polluted, soused, bent, jolly, pissed, in one’s cups, blind drunk, elevated, high as a kite, shot, bombed, boozey, boozed up, on a jag, jagged, oiled, buttered, lubricated, stiff, on a binge, hitting the bottle, zonked, plotzed, soaked, stoned, buzzed, cock-eyed, legless, zonked, liquored up, mellow, sloshed, groggy, snuffy, full as a goat, full as a tick, potted, bombed, stinking drunk, fried to the eyebrows, fried to the gills, lush, tight, feeling good, feeling no pain, pixilated (that sounds like one that should be from the computer age but it’s from the 1850s), plastered, have a snoot full, flooey, busted, crocked, half-crocked, shit-faced, spiffed, squiffed, blotto, shellacked, swackered, juiced, tanked up, woozy, pie-eyed, boiled, shickered, pickled, lit, lit up like a Christmas tree, ossified, wasted, hammered, tipsy, blitzed, crapulous, sozzled, three sheets to the wind, trashed, buttoned,┬ábibacious, flushed, had one too many, hooched up, off the wagon, red-nosed, and seeing double.

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