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Most Expensive Things Ever Built?

- Abraj Al-Bait Towers – $15 billion, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

abraj al bait

It’s a government owned building and has the world’s largest clock face. The Ajyad Fortress, built in 1780 by the Ottoman Turks was destroyed in 2002 to make room for the buildings which include apartments, a hotel, restaurants and a shopping center.

– The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) – $21 billion, under the English Channel between Folkestone, United Kingdom and Coquelles, France.


The Chunnel is just over 31 miles long (50.5 kilometers). Millions of people have taken the (usually) 35 minute trip since the tunnel opened in 1994 but, during a two-day period last July, a few thousand more tried to make an unauthorized trip through the tunnel on foot. About 3,500 migrants from Africa and the Middle East tried to get into the tunnel in an attempt to get into the UK.

- Three Gorges Dam – $26 billion, Sandouping, China

three gorges dam

This hydroelectric dam is the world’s largest power station. It’s 7,661 feet long and rises 607 feet above sea level.

– The International Space Station – $160 billion, low Earth orbit


You can see the ISS when it passes overhead. (It looks like a quickly moving light.) NASA lets you look up the schedule and you can even sign up to receive email and/or text alerts letting you know when to watch for it.

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